Luxurious Suites & Maisonettes in Astypalea

In the nautical language, “remezzaro” means that we anchored in the most summery part of Astypalea, and we created a distinct seaside collection of suites and maisonettes for your vacation. Remezzo Bayfront Suites, following a local architectural style and particularly decorative elements, manages to transform your stay on the island into an authentic Astypalitic hospitality.
Remezzo Bayfront Suites are located in Agios Vassilios Bay , an ideal place to offer you a carefree vacation in Astypalea. The natural beauty of the beach with its tamarisk trees and the intoxicating tranquility of the landscape combined with the excellent microclimate of the area, will charm and seduce the senses of even the most demanding travelers.


The sea breeze of the Aegean is as unique as the Aqua Blue of Remezzo Bayfront Suites. Here your stay in Astypalea is transformed into an authentic hospitality of exceptional aesthetics.


The archipelago is irresistible throughout its history, as is this particular Maisonette of Remezzo Bayfront Suites. Overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Venetian castle gives you a sense of manorial Aegean hospitality.


The “Nisida” suite ready in turn, to offer unique moments of hospitality. With a special aesthetic and a balcony a few steps from the beach is a sure summer vacation choice.


Your stay in Astypalea now passes through a fully equipped suite with modern aesthetics and a balcony overlooking the endless blue and the Venetian castle of the island.


The “Pixida” suite at Remezzo Bayfront Suites is elegant and well-kept, with unrestricted sea views and all the comforts of a fully equipped home.


The saltiness of the sea gives its name to one of the most tasteful suites of Remezzo Bayfront Suites. With special decoration and unobstructed sea views, it will generously offer you moments of relaxation and well-being.

A Unique Summer experience

Here, comfort and luxury are combined so harmoniously that they will infuse you from the first moment with an unprecedented feeling of calm. Get ready to experience the ultimate summer experience in a dream environment, choosing for your stay either one of our sophisticated suites with unrestricted views of the sea and the bay of Agios Vassilios, or one of our maisonettes with a riveting view of the Venetian Castle of Astypalea and the Aegean Sea.


Where to swim in Astypalea. Wild and organized beaches, isolated or with panoramic views


In Astypalea you will find attractions that will satisfy every travel mood and will enchant you.


Explore our photo gallery to discover the suites and the island of Astypalea.