Beaches in Astypalea

Agios Vassilios

The beach of Agios Vassilios is located under the homonymous church. It is an unorganized, quiet, with crystal clear waters beach. The umbrellas have been replaced by the tamarisk trees which in combination with the sound of the wet pebbles create the perfect conditions for an absolute relaxation.


Vatses beach

Only 7 km far from Chora you will find the organized  Vatses beach.Its characteristic is the pebble and the deep waters. Most of the route consists of a dirt road. Moreover, bathers can also visit the beach “Mikres Vatses” or the Negro Cave.


Kaminakia beach

At a distance of 10 km from Chora you will reach Kaminakia beach. Α large beach with sunbeds and with two taverns where you can enjoy your meal. Much of the route includes a dirt road, while alternatively access is possible by sea from Pera Gialos.


Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos is a pebble beach, fully organized and accessible by road.



Tzanakia are called the 4 unorganized beaches located very close to the settlement of Livadi. They are pebble beaches with deep waters and a breathtaking view to the Venetian Castle.


Livadi beach

A fully organized beach in the settlement of Livadi that offers many options such as water sports, restaurants, cafes, etc. and is characterized by its stunning view to Chora and the Castle.


Pera Gialos Beach

It is located in the settlement of Pera Gialos and is fully organized. It is the starting point of excursions to the surrounding islets of Koutsomyti and Kounoupes and until recently it was the main port of the island.


Steno and Mikro Steno beaches.

Steno is an organized sandy beach with trees and shallow water that makes it an idealplace for families with young children. Access is possible by car or local transport.  Alternatively, next to Steno beach is the pebble beach “Mikro Steno” with shallow water. A less crowded beach, non-organized.


Plakes Beach

An unorganized beach at a distance of 1 km from Maltezana, ideal for snorkeling due to the richness of its seabed. Bathers can lay their towels either on the pebbles or on the typical beach slabs.


Blue Limanaki Beach

In a creek very close to Maltezana beach is the small but popular beach “Blue Limanaki”. The beach is not organized and access is possible after a few minutes walk on a dirt road starting from Maltezana beach.


Maltezana beach

An organized, sandy beach with tamarisk trees located in the picturesque settlement of Maltezana. It is surrounded by a plethora of shops in the settlement from where visitors can get whatever they need.


Schinontas Beach

A well-organized beach near Maltezana, where the well-known Monument of the French officers is located.


Kounoupes / Koutsomyti beaches

They are unorganized beaches, with pebbles and clear blue waters which are located on islets of Astypalea, while access to them is possible via sea routes from Pera Gialos, Maltezana or alternatively by private boat.


Psili Ammos

It is an unorganized sandy beach in the north of the island. As it is not protected from the weather, it is not suitable on days when there is a north wind.


Other beaches

Other beaches of the island that are difficult to access but really worth visiting by those who are characterized by the spirit of adventure are the beaches of Panormos, Pachia Ammos, Agios Ioannis and Agios Ioannis Richtis.